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Indian healing clay is a face mask that contains 100% natural green clay. It does not contain any artificial additives, fragrances, or products of animal origin. Deeply cleanses, tightens pores and refreshes the skin. The use of green clay is completely safe and can be used for skin problems such as acne.

1. Clay cleanses, stimulates skin regeneration, and soothes acne.
2. Regularly used, it cleanses and narrows the pores and tones the skin.
3. Help reduce stretch marks and slow skin aging.
4. It is known for its highly detoxifying properties, tightens the skin, and stimulates the development of new skin cells.

How to use the mask?

Three teaspoons of green clay should be placed in a plastic or glass bowl. Add three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar or water. Cycle with a wooden spoon. The mask should be applied with fingers or a cosmetic brush to the face and/or neck. The mask should be kept on the face for up to 20 minutes. The sensation of tingling and tightening is a natural property of the mask. After the mask has completely dried, it should be washed off with lukewarm water. It is recommended to use clay once a week.

How to use the mask

The product is for external use only. Before using for the first time, check for the possibility of an allergic reaction in a small area of the skin. If an allergy occurs, discontinue use of the product.


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