Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash with Soothing Oat, 33 fl. oz

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as of July 30, 2020 2:48 pm

My skin is very resistant when it comes to absorbing most cosmetics. Regardless of whether it is a light balm, a mist, a delicate lotion - the effect is usually the same: the skin shines, the clothes get sticky, it is a real nightmare for me in the summer, which is why the evening ritual of body care was carried out with the expression of a patient.

For years, I was buying several balms at the same time, each one was intended for a different part of the body. It was neither cheap nor convenient (the application took a long time, you had to watch the expiry dates of individual products, etc.).

I bought Aveeno Balm by accident. I associated the press advertisement of this product in foreign magazines, earlier I came across an article about the use of oats in care, so I thought and whatever, I will risk it. And it was a real hit because this cosmetic is a MULTI-PURPOSE product that I have been looking for years.

I don’t have major problems with my skin (e.g. psoriasis, eczema, etc.) so I won’t say whether and when this cosmetic fights very serious problems. For me, Aveeno is perfect for standard body care. Sometimes I also use it on my hands, feet, last year I even used it on my face, after quite a severe sunburn that caused my forehead to feel like a crust. The balm also helped a few close people, min. for burns caused by fire and welding and allergies to laundry detergents.


– easy to spread

– does not clog

– the pump ensures hygienic dosage

– does not

cause allergies – soothes irritations

– does not roll during application

– the skin is soft to the touch, elastic and polished

– does not leave streaks

– is very efficient

– gives a long-lasting moisturizing effect (even if not used daily)

– does not leave a greasy film

– soothes the skin after depilation (does not burn during application)

– soothes; ailments (sunburn, insect bites, scratches with sharp bushes)


– price

– availability

For some people, packaging may be a problem, because you can’t see how much product we have left. As for the fragrance, it is a cosmetic with oats in the composition, which is why this note is most noticeable, but the balm does not dirty clothing or bedding after application on the body the smell is imperceptible.

I am very resistant to advertising, but when Jennifer Aniston became the face of Aveeno, I was tempted by a few other products from this company (including shea butter balm) and I can’t praise them directly.


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