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Anti-cellulite Cryo-gel

Anti-cellulite Cryo-gel Collistar in the New Formula


pink pepper, alpha-hydroxy acids, Centella Asiatica, caffeine, fermented green coffee extract, menthol.

Immediate freezing and lifting effect. The new formula with a complex of active ingredients allows for an even more effective fight against any type of cellulite. Plant alpha-hydroxy acids and Centella Asiatica strongly firm and smooth the skin, minimizing imperfections. In contrast, pink pepper and caffeine, inhibit the formation of mature adipocytes, prevent the accumulation of new lipids, and help get rid of existing fat cells. Plant extracts in combination with fermented green coffee prevent the accumulation of liquids, and the “cryo” effect improves microcirculation and gives the impression of lightness. Deep penetration of ingredients and rapid absorption makes the skin tight and smooth immediately visible.

Cryo gel with a strong lifting and firming effect at night, super active in the fight against cellulite.

It gives the effect of immediate skin tension.

COLLISTAR is an Italian company specializing in selective cosmetics. Since 2006, the world leader in the cosmetics + care category. The company’s success and excellent opinions among people using its cosmetics have been achieved thanks to the very high quality and effectiveness of the products. All products are subjected to very thorough dermatological and cosmetic tests, are thoroughly tested (not on animals), and are subject to stringent quality control before being released on the market. The products of this company are very often used in professional beauty salons.

Thanks to the philosophy of Daniel Sacerdote, managing Collistar since 1982, we have managed to combine the highest quality products with attractive prices. Advanced dermatological tests have resulted in exceptional effectiveness. Carefully developed cosmetics formulas that have not been tested on animals and very strict quality control standards ensure their absolute safety. Excellent design, reliability of applicators, and innovative solutions in the field of advertising and distribution have contributed to achieving the highest position in the world rankings of luxury products. We present a series of specialist Collistar cosmetics for body care.

Care for one’s appearance and well-being cause that the interest in Perfect Body Care products is growing. To meet your needs, we present a series of excellent creams, gels, balms, and lifting preparations that effectively eliminate skin imperfections. The highest quality ingredients and a carefully selected proportion make the effect of their action visible after a short period of use. Collistar cosmetics are among the best and most effective in the world.

Exclusive balms and skincare cosmetics and colorful Collistar

Collistar is a luxury cosmetic brand that provides women with face care products and makeup cosmetics. In this category, we have collected for your cellulite and stretch marks balms Collistar. You will find such popular products as Abdomen and Hip Treatment – a treatment for the abdomen and hips that drains the skin, shapes its contours, and visibly slims. Collistar firming balms owe their effectiveness to innovative ingredients. The formula of body creams of this Italian brand is created in advanced cosmetic laboratories and is based on dermatological tests. However, their effectiveness is confirmed by detailed tests. Collistar color cosmetics they work during professional make-up.

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  1. Veronica

    Very good support in the fight against cellulite. Mega freezing gel to fight cellulite. It moisturizes, tightens, and reduces cellulite very well. It absorbs quickly, leaves no greasy/sticky layer. First effects after 3 days of regular use. It is known that it will not fight cellulite completely and you need to combine it with exercise and a healthy diet. Ideal for people prone to bursting blood vessels – unlike similar warming cosmetics.

    quickly absorbed, helps fight cellulite, tightens, and evens the skin.

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