Understanding The Basics of Face Makeup

The staggering array of face cosmetics and beauty care products on the market can make even the most dedicated follower of fashion feel out of their depth. If you are interested in face makeup but have never tried to wear it or apply it, the feeling of bewilderment is even stronger. But there’s no need to panic, face makeup isn’t that difficult, once you are know-how.

You should apply your face makeup in the following order: foundation (if you use an under-eye concealer or similar product, apply this first), then face makeup products used for corrections and improvements, blushers, and then powders. Do your eye makeup next, and then finish off your look with lip makeup.

mascara and brushes

Correcting bases are often the first type of face makeup applied and is helpful to correct poor skin tones. A mauve-based face makeup product will help to conceal pale and dull skin, whilst choosing a green-based face makeup will hide red blotches and ruddiness. A foundation can then be applied over the base layer of face makeup.

You need to ensure that you choose a foundation that is closely matched to your skin tone, and apply the face makeup with a damp sponge, using even strokes, to avoid the accumulation of the face makeup around your hair and jaw lines. Other face makeup products can be applied after the foundation to further improve facial features.

Using face cosmetics to improve facial morphology is based on the principle that face makeup products in pale shades lengthen, fill out and brighten your face, whilst face cosmetics in dark shades reduce, deepen and conceal. Not everyone is blessed with the ideal oval-shaped face, but clever use of face makeup can give the illusion that this is so. Using face cosmetics, you can also balance the other features of your face, such as reducing the appearance of a double chin or making your nose appear broader.

The next step is to apply a blush face makeup product. Blush is applied in the area created by the imaginary lines that extend outward from the corner of your eye, and from the bottom of your nose. Adding a touch of color to your forehead and across the chin will complete your look. If you are using a powder makeup, apply it with a brush, but use your fingertips to apply a cream rouge makeup product.


Next, apply a face makeup powder. Pick up the powder using a makeup puff and press it firmly on the face, one area at a time. Avoid massaging the puff over the face, which will disturb the base layers of face makeup. Then, using a thick, soft powder brush, whisk away the excess face powder using a downward movement, which will prevent the face makeup powder from becoming trapped in your facial hair.

There are many different types of face makeup products available to help you create your desired look. Lancôme faces makeup products, Elizabeth Arden and Maybelline are very popular brands of face makeup that are available across a range of budgets. From these lines, you will be able to choose a combination of face makeup products that enhance your natural beauty.

Joanna Fisher - beautician

Joanna Fisher - beautician


Joanna Fisher is a graduate in cosmetology at Boca Beauty Academy, Boca Raton, FL, where she obtained a master's degree. She currently works as a cosmetologist in the clinic of aesthetic medicine.