Get a Scalp Massage from Acca Kappa Brushes!

Acca Cappa is one personal care brand from Italy that has lasted for over a hundred years because of its stellar products. Popular products include their fragrances, one of them, White Moss, and aside from that, they manufacture the best brushes!

My friend Crissy gave me an Acca Kappa brush for my birthday and explained to me that Oprah was raving about it and it had anti-bacterial qualities. I was impressed, as I have always walked past the Acca Kappa stall in the mall, and that led me to research more and use the brush daily – and as the product claims, I felt that my scalp is somewhat soothed my scalp, and upon research, I found out that Acca Kappa does good ergonomics on their brushes.

Take for example the Acca Kappa Pneumatic Beech Wood Brush With Natural Bristles. Natural bristles are well known for making hair shine, and for adding to that brilliance, and the material pneumatic beech wood is anti-static, so it doesn’t cause frizzies at all. The main aim of this brush is to “prevent structural damage” to the hair while brushing. The hair is one of the most important special features of a person, and we would always want it in its best shape and shining glory – that explains exhaustive picking of hair care products, and now, I bet it’s time to invest in good tools. I’m happy to have found a great discovery with Acca Kappa brushes, and for sure, I will be buying some to collect to add to my vanity collection.

P.S. Another brand that I’m crazy about is Denman, and I shall talk about it in my future entries.

Joanna Fisher - beautician

Joanna Fisher - beautician


Joanna Fisher is a graduate in cosmetology at Boca Beauty Academy, Boca Raton, FL, where she obtained a master's degree. She currently works as a cosmetologist in the clinic of aesthetic medicine.