Boots Botanics Lip Gloss

I’m beginning to see why Boots is the #1 beauty brand in the UK. Among the many products from Boots that I was sent, of course, I first dove for the lip gloss in the package and immediately applied it. I received the Boots Botanics Lip Gloss in Loganberry, which is a beautiful mauve color.

Boots Botanics Lip Gloss contains ginkgo Biloba to protect and coconut extract to help moisturize your lips. This gloss smells interestingly of tangerines, which always makes me think of that car insurance commercial when the actor says “So I put on some tangerine lip gloss and answered the door…” I’m not a fan of tangerines, yet this gloss feels great and looks so good that I can let that slide. I forgive you Boots.

This gloss is not thin nor thick, yet the coverage is fabulous. When I use it I can’t help but think that this gloss brings truth to the notion of “painting your face.” It almost gives that wet paint yet satin finish looks to your lips.

Joanna Fisher - beautician

Joanna Fisher - beautician


Joanna Fisher is a graduate in cosmetology at Boca Beauty Academy, Boca Raton, FL, where she obtained a master's degree. She currently works as a cosmetologist in the clinic of aesthetic medicine.