Baby Quasar

Over the years there have been new beauty gadgets targetted for skincare – Zeno the “zit zapper”, as well as dermabrasion kits like Susan Lucci’s, and of course, my favorite Nu Skin Galvanic Spa.

Baby Quasar is another beauty gadget that is targetted for skincare. It presents itself with phototherapy, which is manifested in laser or IPL devices which are usually offered in dermatologists’ offices. Now, phototherapy is offered to the consumers to have some lovely D-I-Y treatment at home with Baby Quasar.

The benefits? The smoother complexion, reduced lines, and wrinkles, improved color, and texture of the skin. Baby Quasar promises to improve the skin condition – to make it firmer, and vibrant, as it is the skin responding to the selected wavelengths of light brought about the device. Another benefit is said the skin would better absorb or work better with current treatment or products.

The skincare benefits from phototherapy include smoother complexion, reduced lines, and wrinkles, improved color, and texture of the skin. Overall, the skin is healthier and will look alive, more firm, and vibrant. These benefits result from the skin’s response to the application of selected wavelengths of light. Clinical studies show that we can increase blood flow and circulation in the skin while simultaneously building collagen. Another benefit of phototherapy is its ability to combine beautifully with skincare products and other treatment modalities. It makes them more effective. Anti-aging, as well as anti-hair loss and anti-acne, are both major benefits that the Baby Quasar offer.

How does this work?

The Baby Quasar uses 24 LEDs in four discrete wavelengths of red and infrared light. In order to prevent the destructive harmonics which, result from using multiple wavelengths and which diminish the effectiveness, we developed sequential pulsing.

Like skincare targetted beauty gadgets out there, the Baby Quasar also comes with a price tag that makes it more of a professional or luxury gadget, priced at $449. Consumers who are satisfied with the results of the Baby Quasar could also upgrade next time, to the professional Quasar, which retails for $1800. I admit I got a little bit excited as it earned a good rave from the NY Times. I mean, I really really do want gadgets that truly work – it will definitely save the world!

I shall be back for a follow-up as I review this product if it really works! Well, wish me luck, and I just hope that my acne would zap themselves out of my life.

Joanna Fisher - beautician

Joanna Fisher - beautician


Joanna Fisher is a graduate in cosmetology at Boca Beauty Academy, Boca Raton, FL, where she obtained a master's degree. She currently works as a cosmetologist in the clinic of aesthetic medicine.